Support GNOME

Our mission to create a competitive free desktop has never been more important. It is only through your support that we can carry on our work.

Donations are handled by the GNOME Foundation, GNOME's community-run non-profit organization.

Donations are used for:

  • GNOME's development infrastructure, which is essential for all our development work
  • Travel sponsorship, for community members to attend hackfests and conferences
  • Outreach activities, such as hack camps and GNOME's presence at conferences

Donations to the GNOME Foundation are tax deductible in the United States. If you think that you might qualify, contact your tax office for more information.

Many employers, including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Red Hat, will match donations made by their employees. This is a great way to increase your contribution. Before you donate, you might want to check whether your employer operates donation matching.

Some employers will only match one time donations rather than subscriptions.

Companies can sponsor events or join the GNOME Foundation Advisory Board. If you are interested in this, please contact the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors for more details.