Support GNOME

GNOME relies on the support of individuals and companies. This enables us to organise events, pay for equipment, and have a small amount of staffing. The GNOME Foundation takes care of the project’s financial affairs.

There are many ways that individuals and organisations can support GNOME.


  • The Friends of GNOME scheme allows regular or one time donations to the GNOME Foundation. The scheme includes great benefits for benefactors.
  • GNOME benefits from purchases of our merchandise, much of which is available through the GNOME Store.

Companies and organisations

  • Companies and organisations regularly support GNOME by sponsoring and supporting our conferences and hackfest events. If you would like to sponsor such an event, you can email the Foundation Board of Directors.
  • The GNOME Foundation Advisory Board consists of partner companies and organisations wishing to participate in and support the GNOME Project.