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Our mission to create a competitive free desktop has never been more important.
It is only through your support that we can carry on our work.

“I have been in free software for over 20 years, starting as a contributor hacking away on my favorite projects to where I find myself today as Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. I am more excited about the future of free software than I ever have been before. Working with this team and the GNOME community inspires me every day. In it, I see the best of what free software has to offer. There is world-class technical excellence and enthusiastic contribution, and there is also such amazing compassion and thoughtfulness extended to contributions, users, and everyone who might one day find themselves touching the GNOME ecosystem.”

Neil McGovern

Donate to GNOME

GNOME is supported by our generous network of donors—our one-time donors, sponsors, and Friends of GNOME. Whether someone donates $5 or $5,000, we value those contributions just as much as any merge request. Donations build up GNOME, provide necessary infrastructure, and power new initiatives.

Donations are used for:

  • GNOME’s development infrastructure, which is essential for all our development work
  • Travel sponsorship, for community members to attend hackfests and conferences
  • Outreach activities, such as hack camps and GNOME’s presence at conferences

Become a Friend of GNOME

When you check the box for “monthly contributor” and select any amount, you become a Friend of GNOME (FoG). Monthly donations from our FoGs help sustain the GNOME Project, Foundation, and all of our initiatives.

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Other Ways to Support GNOME

Companies can sponsor events, donate services, or join the GNOME Foundation Advisory Board. If you are interested in this, please contact the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors for more details.