GNOME is available to install through most GNU/Linux distributions. Many offer the chance to try a demo before you install.


Fedora provides GNOME straight out of the box – just install or try it live. Fedora Workstation 34 is now available and ships GNOME 40.


GNOME can be selected when installing the latest version of openSUSE. The stable version is openSUSE Leap 15.3 and it includes GNOME 3.34. The rolling release of openSUSE Tumbleweed includes GNOME 40.


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS includes GNOME 3.36 with minor alterations and Ubuntu 20.10 includes GNOME 3.38, also with minor alternations. If you install gnome-session, you can also choose to launch a pristine GNOME from the login screen.

Many other distributions also include GNOME, including Arch Linux (GNOME 40), Debian (GNOME 3.38) and Gentoo (GNOME 40).

Get the Code

GNOME’s software is Free Software, all our code is available for download and can be freely modified and redistributed.

There are several ways to get our code: