Getting GNOME

GNOME 3 is available to install through most GNU/Linux distributions. Many offer the chance to try a demo before you install.


Fedora provides GNOME 3 straight out of the box – just install or try it live. Fedora 21 includes GNOME 3.14.


GNOME 3 can be selected when installing the latest version of openSUSE. The latest version, openSUSE 13.2, includes GNOME 3.14.

Ubuntu GNOME

Ubuntu GNOME is an official Ubuntu flavour which provides a complete GNOME 3 experience. Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 includes GNOME 3.12.

Many other distributions also include GNOME 3, including Debian and Arch Linux. Arch includes the latest GNOME version, 3.14.

Try the latest release

GNOME 3.14 is the latest version and is available in several distributions. You can also try our live demo image.

Download the live image

Instructions for installing the image on to a USB stick with GNU/Linux:

  • Insert the drive (any data it contains will be erased!)
  • Run dmesg in a terminal: this will give you the location of the stick in square brackets, such as sdb
  • To write the image, run sudo dd if=gnome-3.14.iso of=/dev/DRIVE bs=8M conv=fsync, replacing DRIVE with the location (e.g., /dev/sdb but not e.g., /dev/sdb1)
  • Once the write operation has finished, you can reboot with the USB drive inserted (you may have to specify the boot device on startup)

Get the code!

GNOME’s software is Free Software: all our code is available for download and can be freely modified and redistributed. There are several ways to get our code: