• October 29, 2014 Engagement team members will gather at FSCONS this weekend

    Several members of the GNOME Engagement Team will gather this weekend at FSCONS. FSCONS is an annual gathering for free software in the Nordic countries, taking place in Gothenburg Sweden. GNOME will be present with a booth where contributors will show the latest version of GNOME, answer questions and help new people get involved. There […]

  • October 10, 2014 GNOME Boston Summit 2014 starts tomorrow

      GNOME Summit 2014 starts tomorrow. The GNOME Summit is an annual gathering of contributors from around the world that features three-days of discussion and working sessions. After the last summit, held in Montreal it’s this year back in Boston. Scheduled topics include: Wayland, App development, Privacy and the GNOME Continuous build system. The summit is […]

  • September 24, 2014 GNOME 3.14 Video Published

    With GNOME 3.14 just released, the GNOME project has published a video that demos the new GNOME version. The short film is a great way to learn about the new features – and see some of the attention to detail – in the new release. As always, more details can be found in the release […]

  • GNOME 3.14 Released

    GNOME 3.14, the latest version of GNOME 3, has been released. Announcing the new version, Matthias Clasen said: “This is another exciting release for GNOME, and brings many new features and improvements.” The new release is the result of six months’ work by the GNOME project, and includes 28,859 changes by 871 contributors. Highlights for […]

  • GNOME 3.14 Released: A Refined Experience

    Orinda, CA– The GNOME Project is proud to announce the release of GNOME 3.14 today. This milestone release in the GNOME 3 series brings exciting new features, bug fixes, and an enhanced application development platform. Major new features include automatic handling for captive portals, network-aware sharing, Google photos support, and touchscreen gestures. Jeff Fortin, GNOME […]

  • August 29, 2014 GNOME Foundation publish 2013 Annual Report

    The GNOME foundation are pleased to publish the 2013 Annual Report . In the Report you can read about the foundation activities during last the year, some of the highlights include details about the continuous success of the OPW program and the many hackfest that have taken place during the last year. “The 2013 Annual […]

  • August 7, 2014 Call for GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 Host Proposals

    The GNOME.Asia Committee is inviting interested parties to submit proposals for hosting the GNOME.Asia during the 2nd quarter of 2015. The GNOME.Asia Summit is the featured annual GNOME Conference in Asia. The event focuses primarily on the GNOME desktop, but also covers applications and the development platform tools. It brings together the GNOME community in […]

  • August 5, 2014 GUADEC 2014, In Pictures

    GUADEC 2014 ended last week, and we’ve put together a gallery of images from the conference. Thanks again to the conference organisers, as well as all our sponsors, for making this fantastic event possible. Many thanks to Garrett LeSage, Jakub Steiner, Hylke Bons and Allan Day for the photos.

  • July 29, 2014 GUADEC 2014 Core Days Finish

    The main part of GUADEC 2014, the premier annual GNOME conference, has just ended in Strasbourg, France. The core days are made up of talks, keynote presentations, as well as the GNOME Foundation Annual General Meeting. The GUADEC core days have been packed with exciting, interesting talks. There were presentations on important initiatives in GNOME, […]

  • July 27, 2014 Interview with Jim Hall, GUADEC Keynote Speaker

    The curtains are up on GUADEC 2014, and the first keynote was delivered by Jim Hall. Jim is the Director of Information Technology at Morris, University of Minnesota, and he presented his work on usability in GNOME. We took some time to talk to Jim about his keynote and about his research on GNOME. Nowadays […]