Hello my name is Diego,

I’m 30 years old and I live in Ogíjares, a small town of Granada, Spain. I read and write but I’m still learning. I use an electric wheelchair to move around and I need some help for my daily tasks. I attend the Cerebral Palsy Association that is in the capital and called ASPACE Granada.

I’m happy because I can now use the computer in my classroom without any assistance, which was not possible before because I needed help to log into the system and to open the programs. With GNOME 3 I am learning to use the whole operating system because it is much easier than any other. Because my movements are not very accurate and I can hardly see the fine print, I wasn’t able to use other systems. I use the screen magnifier and the exclusion of repeated keystrokes.

What I most like to do is to search for music videos and write letters to my friends. I’m also discovering some of the games that come with the system. I could not imagine that I would only use a computer on my own. A big hug to everyone, Diego.

© 2012 Diego Sánchez