November 21, 2012

GNOME to Hold GUADEC 2013 in Brno; GUADEC 2014 in Strasbourg

GROTON, Mass — November 20, 2012

The GNOME Foundation is excited to announce that GUADEC (the GNOME User and Developer European Conference), will be held in Brno, Czech Republic from August 1-8, 2013.
Brno is an excellent location for the Foundation’s primary annual conference and associated hackfests due to its very strong Free Software community and numerous local IT businesses.
The organizing team for GUADEC 2013 will consist of the local GNOME team, the Brno University of Technology, Liberix (a Czech non-profit organization which supports free software in the Czech Republic), and Red Hat Czech.

“We are thrilled to have GUADEC 2013 in Brno and hope to see you all in our amazing city.” says Florian Nadge, from the local Brno organizing team.

During this year’s bidding process, the GNOME Foundation received a second outstanding proposal. As a result, the Board of Directors is also pleased to announce that GUADEC 2014 will be held in Strasbourg, France. Scheduling earlier will give the Strasbourg local team more time to prepare the conference, which has been asked for by previous organizing teams.

“We are proud to be able to host GUADEC not only in France, 15 years after the first GUADEC in Paris, but also in a city that is central to Europe.” says Alexandre Franke, organizer of GUADEC 2014.

“GUADEC has become an essential event for the GNOME community, providing a venue for critical issues to be discussed and new community members to integrate fully,” said Karen Sandler, Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. “Both Brno and Strasbourg promise to provide excellent experiences and I know we will especially benefit from being able to plan more than a year in advance for 2014.”

A call for GUADEC 2013 conference papers will be issued early in 2013. Other announcements will also be made at that time with details about the CFP and session tracks.

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