• September 2, 2015 GNOME Foundation endorses User Data Manifesto

    We are pleased to announce that the GNOME Foundation as one of several prominent FOSS projects endorses the User Data Manifesto version 2.0 Announced on 29 August at the ownCloud Contributor Conference in Berlin the User Data Manifesto version 2.0 is a more concise and clarified version of the original User Data Manifesto. It defines a basic right […]

  • August 25, 2015 Boston Summit 2015 to be held 10-12 October

    Boston Summit is GNOME’s annual event in North America. It is held every year on the Columbus Day weekend, and is an informal opportunity for contributors, enthusiasts and newcomers to get together. Previous summits have included planning meetings, tutorials for newcomers, hacking sessions, hardware testing, and more. There is also typically a social event in […]

  • August 21, 2015 Pictures from GUADEC 2015

    GUADEC 2015 ran from 7-12 August, in Gothenburg, Sweden. We’ve put a gallery of photos together from the conference. Enjoy! Photos credit: Garrett LeSage, Oliver Propst & Jakub Steiner.

  • August 19, 2015 Thanks, Gothenburg!

    GUADEC is the GNOME project’s primary annual event, held every year in a different European city. This year, it was the turn of Gothenburg, Sweden. The conference brought together contributors, enthusiasts and partners from around the world for three days of talks, followed by three days of workshops (called “Birds of a Feather” sessions). It […]

  • August 15, 2015 Happy 18th Birthday, GNOME!

    Today, GNOME turns 18. On Friday, August 15, 1997, GNOME was founded by two then-university students, Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena Quintero. Their aim: to produce a free (as in freedom) desktop environment that is beautiful and simple to use. In September, we will welcome the release of GNOME 3.18 which continues to embody […]

  • August 12, 2015 GNOME Turns 18 this Saturday

    Join us in celebrating GNOME’s birthday this Saturday, August 15th. This is a great chance to tell the world why you love GNOME, inspire others to give it a try, give back to the community, and just wish GNOME a happy birthday. Here are some ways that we encourage you to participate in GNOME’s birthday: […]

  • August 8, 2015 GNOME Announces Search for Executive Director

    For Immediate Release – August 8, 2015 The GNOME Foundation is looking for qualified candidates for the position of Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. The Executive Director is critical for the Foundation, the public face of GNOME, the liaison to the GNOME Advisory Board, and the primary fundraiser for the Foundation. It is expected […]

  • July 31, 2015 Call for GNOME.Asia Summit 2016 Host Proposals

    The GNOME.Asia Committee is inviting interested parties to submit proposals for hosting GNOME.Asia Summit during the 2nd quarter of 2016. GNOME.Asia Summit is the annual GNOME Conference in Asia. The event focuses primarily on the GNOME desktop, but also covers applications and the development platform tools. It brings together the GNOME community in Asia to […]

  • July 8, 2015 GUADEC 2015 Keynote Speakers Announced

    Following the opening of registration, we’re glad to announce Pamela Chestek, Christian Hergert and Matthias Kirschner as keynote speakers for GUADEC 2015. Pamela is the lawyer who worked with us during the trademark negotiations with Groupon. She is the principal of Chestek Legal in Raleigh, North Carolina, and counsels creative communities on open source, brand, […]

  • July 3, 2015 Donations within the EU are now handled through the Wau Holland Foundation

    The GNOME Foundation and the Wau Holland Foundation (Wau Holland Stiftung; WHS) have recently reached an agreement that will significantly improve the way donations to GNOME within the European Union (EU) are received and managed. Prior to signing this agreement, the GNOME Foundation was able to receive donations through many payment methods (including wires, checks, […]