August 14, 2019

West Coast Hackfest 2019 Summary

The West Coast 2019 Hackfest which took place in Portland, Oregon, US between July 18-21 gathered members from several teams including coders, members of the documentation team, and the engagement team.

Behdad Esfahbod and Matthias Clasen worked on improving Pango, GNOME’s text rendering library. Improvements was also made to GtkTextView, an important a Gtk widget with Matthias and Christian Hergert leading the effort.

Documentation team contributors tackled issues improving the state of the GNOME documentation, as well as improving the documentation infrastructure.

The Documentation team at the Hackfest

Members of the engagement team had a serious look at the GNOME website to identify areas which can be improved.

The 2019 West Coast Hackfest was generally agreed as an successful event by the participants. Links to blogs with more details about the work done can be found on the West Coast Hackfest wiki page.

The GNOME Foundation wants to thank all the individuals who made the event such a success!

Image by courtesy of Jim Campbell