March 20, 2019

GNOME presence in LibrePlanet 2019

This year GNOME will attend LibrePlanet, which is a conference hosted by the Free Software Foundation

LibrePlanet brings together software developers, law and policy experts, activists, students, and computer users to learn skills, celebrate free software accomplishments, and face challenges to software freedom.

This conference will take place on March 23rd-24th in Stata Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ,Cambridge, MA.

When you will be in the venue do not miss our booth at Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall at LibrePlanet will be open from 9:00 – 18:00 on both conference days, with cool swag and goodies that Free Software enthusiasts would love.

Feel welcome to drop in to our GNOME booth, get some cool stickers and share with us your GNOME love and experience or ask us anything for our products and software.

Check the website for more info and let us know you are around with our hashtag #GNOME #LibrePlanet 2019

License: CC BY-SA 4.0