June 13, 2016

Call for Participation in the Libre Application Summit sponsored by GNOME

ORINDA, CA. The GNOME Foundation is pleased to announce the Call for Participation in Libre Application Summit — hosted by GNOME (LAS GNOME). The conference will be held from September 19 – 23 in Portland, Oregon, and brings together developers, entrepreneurs, and FOSS enthusiasts for discussion and debate of the future of Linux apps.

LAS GNOME is the conference to attend if you want to create a business around Linux-based applications, release your applications to multiple distributions at the same time, and/or create the conditions necessary to reach a wider audience for your current Linux apps.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Ecosystem: business, legal, community, and social issues
  • Platforms: deep low-level topics around hardware, drivers, and tools
  • Distribution: collaborating with established distributions (like OpenSuse), inter-distribution cooperation, QA and continuous integration.
  • Development: toolkits, X/Wayland, security, runtimes, SDK, development tools.

Proposals by newcomers and experienced speakers are welcomed alike. When submitting your proposal, please keep in mind that talk slots are 45 minutes long.

The call for talks will have the following timeline:

        July 15th: deadline for submitting your talk proposals through http://lasreg.gnome.org/

        August 1st: speakers will be notified if their talk has been accepted

        September 19th-21st: core conference days in Portland, Oregon

The papers team is looking forward to your talk proposal. In case of questions regarding the call for talks, please contact the papers team at papers@las.gnome org. For general questions regarding the conference, please consult the LAS GNOME website or contact the LAS GNOME organizing team.