February 15, 2012

GNOME Hackfest Double Bill in Brno, Czech Republic

Two major GNOME hackfests will be simultaneously taking place in Brno, Czech Republic, this week. A GTK+ Hackfest will focus on the GNOME toolkit, while a Doc Sprint will be an important opportunity for our documentation writers to prepare for the upcoming GNOME 3.4 release.

The GTK+ hackfest will begin on Friday, 2/17 and will combine presentations and working sessions. The event will be a chance to plan GTK+ development, and will include discussions of Clutter integration, accessibility support and how to meet user experience goals. Visit the GNOME wiki for more details and a list of attendees from the GNOME community.

The Doc Sprint will also begin on Friday, 2/17. It will be an intensive work session for the GNOME Documentation Project, with the goal of updating and creating current documentation for the release of GNOME 3.4. This group will be updating GNOME help and GNOME application tutorials, improving GObject overview, and more. See the GNOME wiki for details and a list of attendees.

Both hackfests are being hosted by Red Hat, as a part of its 2012 Developer Conference which is occurring February 17-21. The Developer Conference is open to all Linux and JBoss developers, admins and users. Entrance is free and registration is not required. There will be breakfasts, snacks and a party catered by Red Hat on Friday evening.