January 31, 2012

See GNOME at FOSDEM 2012, February 4-5th

GNOME will be very present at FOSDEM 2012. The Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM) is a major two-day event organized by volunteers to promote the widespread use of Free and Open Source software. It happens every year in Brussels, Belgium.

GNOME will have a booth at FOSDEM this year, with T-Shirts for sale, stickers and more. GNOME developers will be available to answer questions and will be demonstrating the latest GNOME technologies. GNOME community members will also be attending FOSDEM including Karen Sandler, the executive director of the GNOME Foundation, as well as members of the GNOME Release Team.

There are going to be many talks about GNOME, covering topics ranging from new technologies, community organization and design. Most of these talks will be held in the Cross-Desktop Devroom (H 1308). Here are some of them:

Saturday Feb 4 11:20

H.1308 50 minutes

GStreamer 1.0 – the next generation of your favourite multimedia framework

Tim-Philipp Müller

Feb. 4 17:00

H. 1308 30 minutes

GNOME 3: Every Detail Matters

Allan Day

Feb 5 13:30

H. 1308 40 minutes

How to trick a developer into being a designer?

Seif Lotfy & Allan Day

Feb 5 13:30

H.1308 40 minutes

Make your applications smarter via Zeitgeist

Seif Lotfy

Feb 5 09:15

H.1308 40 minutes

GNOME 3.4 accessible: Status, news, future

Alejandro Piiñeiro Iglesias

Feb 5 15:00

H.1308 40 minutes

WebKitGTK+ status and roadmap to WebKit2

Mario Sanchez Prada

Feb 5 15:45

H.1308 30 minutes

Getting into GNOME: Impressions of a new maintainer

David King

Sunday Feb 5 16:20

H.1308 30 minutes

Web Applications in GNOME

Xan López

Sunday Feb 5 10:45 H.1308 30 minutes

Boxes, use other systems with ease

Marc-André Lureau & Zeeshan Ali


As usual, there will be a GNOME Beer Party on Saturday night. Held at “La Bécasse” (rue de Tabora 11 (2 minutes from the Grand Place) from 20:00-00:30 in the city center (NOT “La Bécasse” by ULB/FOSDEM!)

If you are a GNOME contributor, let us know if you will be attending FOSDEM at: https://live.gnome.org/Brussels2012/Attendees.