November 24, 2011

GNOME Participates in Google Code-In 2011

GNOME is participating in the Google Code-In 2011 (GCI), which takes place from November 21, 2011 – January 16, 2012. Google Code-In gives pre-university students aged 13-17 the opportunity to participate in a variety of FOSS projects. The last GCI included 361 students from 48 countries who completed over 2000 tasks.

Andre Klapper, who is GNOME’s Google Code-In coordinator, said: “GNOME is proud to be among the 18 organizations participating in this year’s Google Code-In. We are providing several dozens of small tasks, including coding, translation, documentation writing, artwork, marketing and design. The contest is a great way for students to learn how to contribute to free and open source software development.”

There is still time left to participate in GCI. It is easy to register on the GCI website. To view the tasks that are available for GNOME, just enter “GNOME” in the “Organization” field.