Phase One Winners

Congratulations to our Phase One winners!

We had many amazing proposals submitted during Phase One and would like to thank everyone that participated. We’d also like to thank our judges for reviewing all of those proposals and selecting the 20 winning projects listed here.

BOSS: Big Open Source Sister
Carla Silva Rocha Aguiar, Bruna Pinos de Oliveira, Bruna Nayara Moreira Lima, Clarissa Borges

Broadening Participation through Scaffolded Sustained FOSS Engagement in an Undergraduate Computing Curriculum
Grant Braught, Farhan Siddiqui, Michael Skalak, Allen Tucker

Creative FOSS
Dennis Krasnov 

Eureka Universe
Team of Eurekas Community

First Contributions
Roshan Jossy

FLOSS Desktops for Kids
Cassidy Layman, Michele McColgan 

FOSS – Campus
Saloni Garg, Amit Sagtani 

FOSSCoop, a platform for student cooperative playground
Luca Di Grazia, Federico Garbuglia

Sarvottam Kumar

Matias Rojas-Tapia, Alejandro Valdés-Jiménez, Fabio Durán-Verdugo

Sam Robbins

The Institute for Computing in Research Summer Internship Program
Rhonda K Crespo, Mark Galassi  

Sethu Sathyan, Athul Suresh 

Jim Hall

Vladimir Mikulic

Open Source Made Easy – OSME
Kapil Gautam 

OpenUK Kids’ Courses and associated Digital Camps
Amanda Brock, David Whale, Steph Bower, Pamela Boal, Kim Russell, Drawnalism, animators,

The Open University Project
B. Veli Tasalı, Mert Gör

Stefan Nikolaj

welOSS (Welcome to FOSS)
Mehant Kammakomati, Sai Vittal B